Out of State Patients

If you live outside the New York City area and want to contact Dr. Blitz for a telephone or web consult, and/or arrange Foot Surgery in New York City with Dr. Blitz, please complete the web form (click here), and you will be contacted by Dr. Blitz’ staff.

For Surgery with Dr. Blitz

Dr. Blitz has specialized Foot Surgery programs that are within the reach of anyone nationally for patients who wish to travel to New York City for Foot Surgery. We assist with the travel arrangements to New York City as well as any hotel accommodations. We have partnered with several hotels to make your stay as comfortable as possible prior to surgery.

Our specialized programs include Lapidus Bunionectomy, Plantar Plate Repair Surgery, Tarsal Coalition Surgery, and Revision Foot Surgery.

For Telephone or Skype Consult

If you are interested in a telephone consult regarding your foot, Dr. Blitz will need a thorough and concise written statement regarding the foot. We will send you a detailed form to fill out that will help maximize the telephone consultation. Also, Dr. Blitz’ will need copies of any X-Rays, MRI, CT and/or any other studies that you may have had. He will also need copies of any operative reports detailing any previous surgery that you may have had on your foot. If you have a Skype account, Dr. Blitz may suggest a web consult.

Out of State Patients